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Authenticated & Reliable businesses

Minimum benefits to Elite Club members

Paid ads on

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, Digital Screens, Ethnic media radio, TV, and other social media @ $10,000/month

Tailored as per your needs

2 Social Media Marketers, 2 Online marketing & Reputation builders, 2 Graphic Designers and Referral Generator & manager @ $10,000/month

$10,000/month worth of

Campaigns to everyday growing databases, participation in free events & education seminars, 2 hours strategic consultation per week, access to database of more than 100,000, networking agencies & companies, and inbound & outbound events


$1,000,000 worth of Referrals from other Elite members

Only 20 exclusive members,
one of each

Collective Marketing Budget of more than $200,000/month

To bring business worth more than $1 Million/year
To build Elite reputation of each club member
Strategic & Elite business affiliations

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