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Digital Pylon Signs & Billboards

Why do we need Digital Pylon Signs?
- Market to huge traffic on roads
- Make your location attractive
- Multiple ads on one screen
- Earn huge Money from advertisers

Height of LED Signs according to distance:
Generally speaking, for every 10 feet of viewing distance away from your sign, you will want to increase the letter height by 1 inch. For example, if you want the text viewed from 150 feet away, you are going to want to have the text be at least 15 inches tall.

The quality of LED sign depends on the following factors:
1. Chinese made or American made
2. Single/Double/Triple Colour text or Full Colour Graphics
3. Manufacture of LED bulbs - Nichia, CREE, Toyoda, Osram,.....Sinan.
4. Pixels of LED Screen
5. Power supplies & Hardware Quality
6. Software supplied

Digital Interactive Screens - Kiosks

Why do we need Digital Interactive Screens?
- Targeted Marketing for precise particular neighbourhood
- Exposure in local high traffic areas i.e. Plazas, Grocery, Pizza Stores
- Creates communication & interaction
- Brings your business right in front of your potential customers

Promote your Business & Earn from them
Own, Lease or Finance
Huge Return on Investment

  • Current locations of Digital Interactive Screens - Kiosks

    • 1. Pizza Depot
      2. Majha Malwa Doaba
      3. Punjab Sports
      4. Inter-Logistics, Scarborough
1. Pizza Depot Springdale
2. Pizza Depot North York
3. India Sajawat Puja Hut
4. Punjab Sports
5. Inter-Logistics, Scarborough
  • Current locations of Digital Pylon Signs & Billboards

    • 1. Dixie
      2. Barrie
      3. London
      4. Kingston
1. Dixie Location
2. Barrie Location
3. London Location
4. Kingston Location

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